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About Us

Precision Keysmith was founded in the fall of 2014. Our team members have been in the car key industry for over a decade. We work with car dealerships, car auctions, and many other companies in the automotive industry nationwide who end up with extra and unwanted keys and key fobs. That’s where we come in – we want to turn those unwanted fob remotes into money in your pocket.

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“I had a drawer full of used car keys. I asked them for a quote and within about a week I had a check in-hand for my unwanted keys.”


“I can’t believe the money I got for referring my buddy. They gave me $50 and he got a lot for the box of clickers he sent in.”


“I’ve shipped to them for over a year. When I sent in my 5th shipment, they sent me an extra $40 as a bonus!”


“They’re fast, friendly, and reliable. I was a little unsure about sending a box to them because I hadn’t done business with them before, but I got my check a few days after they got the box and it was exactly what they quoted me!”


“Got a great pay-out for the loose fobs I had around the store. I’ll ship to them again!”

- WES M.

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