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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got ‘Q’s,  We’ve Got ‘A’s

You register with us as a seller by clicking Sell Your FOBs. Then you give us an estimate of the number of car remotes you’re sending and we email you a shipping label. We can arrange someone to pick-up the box for you or you can drop the box off at UPS. Once your order has been received and processed, we send a check.

Yes, the least amount of remotes we can accept in a shipment is 15.

No – we will buy as many as you have.

We process payment within 48 business hours of receiving and inspecting the shipment you sent.

We pay by check or Paypal and send checks out via USPS.

For every 5th shipment you send us, we pay you 10% extra based on your shipment total.  So on your 5th shipment, 10th shipment, 15th shipment and so on – we pay you an extra 10%. In other words, we reward you for continued business.

Yes, you can. We usually create a UPS shipping label and can arrange a pick-up for you to keep things convenient for you, but if you prefer to ship the package yourself, we reimburse for shipping up to $15 with a receipt.

  10% Bonus

For every 5th shipment we receive from a seller, we give them an extra 10% of the total (up to $150).


Do you know someone in the automotive industry who has a box of used key fobs? If we purchase a box from them we will give you $30 – $150 per referral! Have the contact provide us with your name and phone number.

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